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Dipsy Dip Foil Ribbon Instructions

Dipsy Dip Foil Ribbons can be applied over virtually any existing manicure - dip, gel polish, even acrylic and regular nail polish! The transfer foils themselves are not a durable finish, so you will need to use a clear top coat over them to protect them. Please note that dip top coat will not work properly, however you can dip your nail in clear dip to encapsulate the foil design.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To apply Dipsy Dip Foil Ribbons, you will need to have the foil ribbon of your choosing and Dipsy Dip Transfer Foil Adhesive, as well as a nail buffer and rubbing alcohol to prepare your nails. As mentioned above, you will also need a water-based top coat (or clear dip powder) to protect the design.


  • You may wish to lightly buff your existing manicure to help the adhesive bond to the surface. Please note we do not recommend applying foil ribbons directly over bare nails.
  • Clean your nail with rubbing alcohol or cleaner. Your nails must be completely free of any dirt, grease or oil before applying the foil ribbons.


  • Apply a thin, even layer of Dipsy Dip Transfer Foil Adhesive to the prepared nail bed. The adhesive will be white when it is applied.
  • Wait for the adhesive to turn completely clear. Once clear the adhesive will remain tacky for up to 30 minutes, allowing you to apply the foil transfer. The foil will not transfer properly if there is even a small amount of white visible in the adhesive.
  • Select the portion of the foil ribbon you wish to apply to the nail (you may cut the ribbons to size if you wish, but this is not necessary unless you are attempting to isolate part of the design). Place the ribbon on the nail, pretty side up, and rub vigorously using a finger or a silicone tool. Rub until the design has completely released from the ribbon and transferred to your nail.
  • To protect the design, apply a water based top coat to the finished nail. A simple drug store top coat or our Gel Polish Top Coat will do the trick! Or, if you prefer, you can apply a layer of clear dip over the design, starting with the Base Coat step.

Tips & Tricks

  • You always want to apply the foils with the "pretty" side up. With some designs, it can be difficult to tell which is the proper side, so you may wish to use a paper clip to prevent the foil from unrolling completely. Our Foil Ribbons are always packaged with the pretty side out!
  • We do not recommend dipping over top of iridescent designs, as the dip may interfere with light reflecting off of the design properly. Instead, use a simple drug store clear coat over top of iridescent designs.
  • When planning your foil ribbon manicure, consider choosing a nail color that matches the background color of the foil ribbon you wish to use. That way, any imperfections in the application are not as noticeable.