About Dipsy Dip

Our Story

Over the last several years, I had tried my hand at representing a number of direct sales companies. Some were better than others, but I never quite felt like I had found "the one."

In my most recent attempt, I quickly became frustrated with the limited support and detail the company provided me. I also experienced problems with them accurately tracking my sales and commissions. One day, while venting my frustrations to my husband, I made the fateful comment, "We could do this better than they do it." That sparked a conversation that resulted in the creation of Dipsy Dip.

From the beginning, we decided that the only way we would do this is if we could provide a high quality product and outstanding service that would truly make dealing with our company a joy. When it became clear that we could meet both of those goals, we jumped in with both feet.

We set out with a very aggressive launch schedule, and worked our fingers to the bone to beat it. We became more excited every step of the way, as the feedback we were getting from those we asked was overwhelmingly positive. We are thrilled to be launching Dipsy Dip! We truly hope you will join us on this journey.

What Is Dipsy Dip?

Dipsy Dip launched with a full line of nail dipping powder and 100% real nail polish wraps. Since then we've expanded our offering to include soak-off gel polishes, press-on nails, nail foils and a variety of nail accessories and tools. With more than 440 rich colors and distinctive designs to choose from, Dipsy Dip enables you to have salon-quality nails without the hassle and expense.

Dipsy Dip Nail Dips and Gel Polishes provide a long-lasting, beautiful finish that can be easily applied at home. Our 100% Real Nail Polish Wraps and Press-On Nails are incredibly easy to use. And our full line of Nail Foil Ribbons allow you to create unique designs that match your personality.

We also offer a selection of nail jewels for those who desire a little more bling, as well as a variety of nail accessories to help achieve the perfect look.

We are looking for resellers throughout the United States. If you're interested in an exciting opportunity with a company that is poised for serious growth, click here to learn why you should consider working with Dipsy Dip.