99-Cent Sign-up

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99 ¢

Free Personalized Website for One Month!

Interested in joining Dipsy Dip without purchasing a kit? This limited time promotion allows you to do just that.

During the first 12 months after signing up, active Consultants who sign up with the 99-Cent Sign-up will earn 20% commission on all personal sales, under our Promotional Compensation Plan. After one year, consultants will be eligible to upgrade to our Core Compensation Plan, which includes 25% commission on personal sales, plus up to 10% in Double Dip Bonus Commissions. All other aspects of the two compensation plans are identical, including eligibility to earn commissions on up to 6 generations of your downline!

The 99-Cent Sign-up includes a personalized website for one month. The website includes a personalized URL/subdomain (e.g. yourshopname.dipsydip.com) that you can promote via social media, business cards, parties, etc. The website also enables you to incorporate profile pictures and an introduction and bio where you can let customers know a little more about you. After the first month, your card will automatically be charged $10 each month for the website. You are free to cancel the website at any time and may do so directly in your backoffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the differences between the Dipsy Dip Promotional and Core Compensation Plans?

    Under the Promotional Compensation Plan, consultants earn 20% commission on personal sales. Under the Core Compensation Plan, consultants earn 25% on personal sales, plus have the ability to earn up to another 10% in Double Dip Commission Bonuses based on sales volume and team size. (Backoffice purchases and Distributor Kits are not eligible for commissions.)

    Click here to view our Promotional Compensation Plan

    Click here to view the Dipsy Dip Consultant Booklet.

  • Are there any sales quotas?

    In order to keep your account active and earning commissions, you must have at least $150 of personal sales in the previous 3-month period or have purchased a personalized website and URL for the month. Accounts that have no sales for a six month period will be considered dormant, and may be permanently removed from our system.

    See our Promotional Compensation Plan for sales volumes required to earn commissions on your downline's sales.

  • Is the website required?

    No. The customized website is purely optional. If you do not have a website, users will need to search for you by name or by your shop ID. When they select you as their consultant, we will place a cookie on their device that will assign all purchases from that device to you until they select a different consultant, the cookie expires or they erase their cookies. Please note, the cookie only works on a single device, so they will have to search for you again if they change devices. With a personal website, users can still search for you, but if they know your personal URL, all they have to do is visit that URL, and their purchases will be assigned to you automatically.

  • How much does the website cost, and what does the website include?

    The monthly fee after the free promotional period for your customized website is $10. That includes a personalized URL/subdomain (e.g. yourshopname.dipsydip.com) that you can promote via social media, business cards, parties, etc. Having a website will enable you to incorporate profile pictures and an introduction and bio where you can let customers know a little more about you.

    The website fee also includes access to an extended backoffice, with in-depth, real-time reporting and details regarding sales, customers and your team. Our backoffice was developed with two goals in mind: 1.) Provide an intuitive way for you to track exactly where you are with sales and downline goals and 2.) Make it easy for you to build and foster relationships with your customers and with your team.

    We will be launching more website and backoffice features, giving you even more power to market and brand yourself. Stay tuned for more details!

  • How and when are commissions paid?

    Commissions and bonuses are paid the first week of the month after they are earned. Currently, commissions are paid via PayPal, however we will be adding the opportunity to choose direct deposit into your bank account in the near future.

  • Do I receive a discount on my personal purchases?

    You won't receive an upfront discount, however you will earn your commission on all personal purchases made via your public shop. Think of it as a rebate, not a discount. (Please note that backoffice purchases are already discounted and not eligible for commissions.)

    Pro Tip: You can create your own personal coupon codes up to the amount of your commission. So you could create a coupon code for your use only that effectively provides you with a real-time discount instead of a commission. Please note that the discounts from coupon codes you create come out of your commission!

  • Wait, did you say I can create my own coupon codes?

    You caught that, did you? We think it's a pretty cool feature.

    Perhaps you want to buy your mother-in-law's approval with a discount. Or maybe you want to incentivize a new customer to order. Or encourage an existing customer to purchase again. You can create single- or unlimited-use coupon codes up to the amount of your commission. Specify custom discount amounts, valid dates and usage restrictions. The only thing we ask is that you don't publish or promote coupon codes in public forums, instead use them in personal communications between you and your customers and friends.

    Please note that the discounts from coupon codes you create come out of your commission!

  • Do all coupon codes reduce my commission?

    No, not all of them. Coupon codes that you create reduce your commission by the full discount amount. Coupon codes that we create and promote to the public DO NOT reduce your commission. At times, we may offer special coupon codes that you can choose to use or not to use. Typically, we will share responsibility with you for the discounts on these special coupon codes. We will always make it clear on a special coupon code how much of the discount would come out of your commission. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

  • Are business cards available?

    Yes, once registered, you can log in to your backoffice and go to Marketing -> Business Cards to access our Business Card Builder. Start by choosing a template for the front (please note that some templates incorporate your profile photo, so be sure to upload a profile photo first). After you select the front template, you'll be able to select a main color for the card. The preview will change based on the color you select. (Please note, color does not change on the front of some card designs, so you may not see the color you have selected until you view back templates.) Next, you will have the option to choose a template for the back of your business cards. Next, preview the final design (please note, this preview is and approximation only) and complete the order form. Cards are usually shipped direct from the printer.

  • Are all sales commissionable?

    No. Only sales made on the public shop (whether using your URL or if the customer has selected you as their consultant) are commissionable. Backoffice sales (such as business cards, samples, etc) and Consultant Kits are not commissionable, however you may receive a Sponsor Bonus when someone signs up under you, depending on the consultant kit they purchase. The Sponsor Bonus for this kit is $.

  • How long will it take for my Consultant Account to be approved and active?

    Your Consultant Account will be conditionally approved immediately upon receipt of payment, providing you with immediate access to your backoffice, website, etc. However we reserve the right to review all applications within 3-5 business days after registration before permanently approving your account. In the unlikely event a consultant registration is not approved, we will issue a full refund for the Consultant Kit and/or Sign-Up Fee.

  • I live outside the United States. Can I sell (or buy) Dipsy Dip products?

    Unfortunately, no. At this time, we are only able to accept consultants who reside in the United States. Similarly, we are unable to ship outside the United States at this time.